Traits That Define Life


Traits That Define Life

Another thing to do is to ask the right person. Many people ask specifically but they fail to ask the right person. Who is it that that can help you out or solve a particular problem? Say you have about your business, and you ask someone who is having the same problem I think you'll find yourself in a deeper mess. You need to find the right person to ask. The trick is to find someone who has already done what you want to do and find out how they did it. Then do it the same way.

Ask with the mind of creating value for the person you are asking. As Brian Tracy said "people are tuned to their FM WIIFM (what is it in it For Me). You must try to make the person see the benefit they get giving you what you want or helping you get want you to want. Ask with focused harmonious belief. The surest way to fail in asking is to convey ambivalence. You must try to be focused when asking anything from people. If you are not convinced about what you are asking how can someone else be. You must be able to show that you are sure of what you are asking for.

Lastly but most importantly is that you ask until you get what you want. IF you have done the five things above very well and you are yet to get what you want then keep asking till you get what you want. Successful people are known for asking and changing till they get what they get what they want. You must develop the flexibility to keep asking till get your desire.

As an achiever, wouldn't you agree with me that you've got to go the extra mile to achieve the success you want? There isn't any real choice about that. But the good thing is that you will distance yourself so far from your competitors when you're in that extra mile zone because so few people are there that what you do has incredible leverage and it will bring you the results you seek. After all, it's only a mile! We're talking about the extra mile.



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